BAUG #5 – Launching a Start-Up on the Windows Azure Platform

Hi everyone,

The next Brisbane Azure User Group meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th June, with a fantastic session on how to launch your start-up on the Windows Azure platform.  REGISTER HERE.

Session #1: Hit and Run Azure – My Startups’ Approach

Inalysis has developed Tap-To, a middleware platform that bridges the gap between existing systems and mobile devices.  Hosted on the Azure platform, it is currently in private alpha testing and Paul has agreed to join us and talk about the following:

  • Quick overview of Tap-To’s hybrid Windows Server and Windows Azure architecture
  • Why Azure was chosen over self-hosting, AWS and AppHarbor
  • SQL Azure & Security Federation
  • Design & coding approaches required
  • Coding ASP.NET to run on both Windows Azure and Windows Server
  • Platform limitations
  • Future plans

Presenter:  Paul Du Bois is the founder of Inalysis, a resident startup company at River City Labs.  Paul has spent over 10 years working in enterprise software as a developer, architect and manager.  His belief in using the right tool for the job has lead him through many platforms, databases and languages; most recently into Azure, Mono, Android and iOS.

Session #2: What’s Coming on the Windows Azure Platform?

Dean Robertson from Mexia will take us through the new features on the Windows Azure platform announced at the Meet Windows Azure event on June 7th (PDT).  By all accounts it’s the largest release of new features on the Azure platform since the platform arrived.

Presenter:  Dean Robertson is the founder and Technical Director of Mexia, a specialist consulting firm focussed purely on building hybrid integration between on-premises systems and the cloud.  He is also a Microsoft Virtual Technology Solutions Professional (V-TSP) and member of Microsoft’s Azure Insiders group.


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