StreamInsight in Azure & Introduction to Azure Websites – 17th Oct 2012


Sorry everyone but the Hadoop session has been moved to November because one of the presenters is unavailable.  So I’ll re-present on Azure Web Sites to fill the spot, and we’ll all get to enjoy the Hadoop session next time.



Hi everyone,

This month will be two fantastic sessions on building BigData solutions in the cloud. BigData is the hottest term in IT at the moment so come along to see how Microsoft are tackling this challenge from two different perspectives.


Session #1: Introduction to Windows Azure Websites

Overview: Windows Azure Web Sites is a simple and powerful hosting platform that allows developers to easily build and rapidly deploy web applications on Windows Azure using their favorite languages, frameworks, and tools. This presentation explains how you can use this new technology to build, deploy, and run everything from classic ASP sites to modern ASP.NET MVC 4 web applications using both new and familiar tools including Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, and WebMatrix.

Speaker: Dean Robertson, Technical Director, Mexia

Session #1: Achieving Infinite Scale with Microsoft SQL Server and Hadoop

Overview: The traditional approach to database scalability has been to simply buy a bigger box.  However with the ongoing data explosion that is occurring in organisations today there is a need to re-think how to achieve scalability for the database platform.  In this session we will explore how to extend the scalability of Microsoft SQL Server by using Hadoop and how to achieve scalability as a Hybrid solution using the Azure platform.  With nothing more than a credit card and the Azure platform you will see how it is now possible to create highly-available, infinitely scalable SQL Server environments that support automated deployment and elastic scale.

Speaker: Peter Ward & Phil Jones from WardyIT

Session #2: Extracting Realtime Business Value with StreamInsight

Overview: StreamInsight is Microsoft’s complex event processing platform that allows business value to be derived from the raw data that typically flows through all systems. StreamInsight is available on-premises and via private CTP on the Azure platform (StreamInsight “Austin”). In this session Paul will introduce StreamInsight and its core concepts and demonstrate how it may be utilised in various scenarios.

Speaker: Paul Bouwer is a Consultant for Mexia and co-organiser of the Brisbane Azure User Group. Paul’s experience in the IT industry spans 15 years and numerous technologies. He has worked in the following industries: Internet Service Provider, Airline, Travel, Telecommunication, Health, SaaS (Software as a Service) and Gaming.  He is excited about Azure as a cloud platform and its feature set. Paul tweets at @pbouwer and blogs at

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