Achieve Infinite Scale with Hadoop & Re-Platforming Your Virtual Machines

Session #1: Achieving Infinite Scale with Microsoft SQL Server and Hadoop

Overview: The traditional approach to database scalability has been to simply buy a bigger box.  However with the ongoing data explosion that is occurring in organisations today there is a need to re-think how to achieve scalability for the database platform.  In this session we will explore how to extend the scalability of Microsoft SQL Server by using Hadoop and how to achieve scalability as a Hybrid solution using the Azure platform.  With nothing more than a credit card and the Azure platform you will see how it is now possible to create highly-available, infinitely scalable SQL Server environments that support automated deployment and elastic scale.

Speaker: Peter Ward & Phil Jones from WardyIT

Session #2: Re-Platforming Your On-Premises Virtual Machines to Windows Azure

Overview: Creating new virtual machines in Windows Azure is easy, but what if you want to upload a virtual machine image that you already have?  What if you have a number of VM’s that are dependent on each other (i.e. web + SQL)?  Is it easy to upload them as a set?  What changes do I need to make to the application or the OS image? What steps do I need to take to get them up in the cloud?

All of these questions and more will be answered, giving you the knowledge to move your own mission-critical applications into the Windows Azure platform.

Speaker: Dean Robertson from Mexia


Please RSVP so we order the right about of pizza & beer, and please bring a colleague along 🙂

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