This group has been formed to represent the rapidly growing Azure community in Queensland, aimed at providing a place for us to meet, learn, discuss and discover the amazing Windows Azure platform.

The meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday evening (6-8pm) of every month, and will be held at Microsoft’s shiny new Brisbane offices.  Most meetings will have a mix of shorter TekTip sessions and longer deep-dive technical sessions, allowing us to regularly deep dive on the Windows Azure platform throughout 2012.

Throughout the year we hope to have presenations on the full range of the Azure platform:

  • Compute (web & worker roles)
  • Storage
  • SQL Azure
  • Business Analytics
  • ServiceBus
  • CDN
  • Caching
  • Virtual Network
  • Identity
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Marketplace

If you have a preference for the topics you’d like to hear about please let us know.  Even better, if you would like to give a presentation on one of these topics then also let us know and we’ll schedule you in!

Finally, thanks for joining and we look forward to seeing you at the next Brisbane Azure User Group meeting!

The BAUG Organisers

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