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A .NET Developer’s Dive into Riak

We are co-hosting this session with the Brisbane .NET User Group to bring this topic to a wider audience.

Session: A .NET Developer’s Dive into Riak
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Overview: .NET developers often find that exciting technologies are out of reach due to infrastructure and technology stack constraints. Exciting movements in languages, platforms and data stores aren’t always readily available for use as a result.

Thankfully recent work by Basho Technologies has changed the landscape a little. Riak, their Open Source, highly-available, fault-tolerant, distributed key-value store, is now able to run on Azure!

In this talk I will dive into Riak and attempt to explain what it is, how bits of it work, and why it’s a good fit for certain types of problems. We’ll be looking at examples using CorrugatedIron, the fully-featured Open Source .NET driver for Riak.

Presenter: OJ Reeves is a polyglot geek with long-term roots in the professional Microsoft and .NET circuits. He’s active participant in many a UG and an ex-organiser of the local Functional Programming and NoSQL groups here in Brisbane. He’s one of the authors of CorrugatedIron, the #1 .NET client for Riak, and has had a passion for Riak since he first discovered it in early 2009.

Please RSVP to ensure we order the right amount of tasty pizzas, beer and wine!

Newsletter #01

This is the start of a regular newsletter that will cover events, training and promotions related to Windows Azure, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Windows Azure

  • Dev Camps are happening in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in March. There are plans to run them more broadly across the country in the coming months.
    Melbourne – Friday 15th March
    Sydney – Friday 22nd March
    Brisbane – Thursday 28th March
  • 6 weeks of Azure continues – with Boot Camps also happening throughout March
  • Apps for Asia competition is hotting up! Final entries are due this month, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach an immediate market, and go to India to showcase your application.

Windows 8

  • YOUR APP HERE: Microsoft have partnered with Lifehacker to bring to life a great opportunity for all developers who haven’t quite finished that App, to finish it with help, and be rewarded for the quality of the app.
  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring success stories, talking about top tips, and holding Virtual #Appfests to support all the developers out there who are building apps. If you know (or are) a developer who’s gaining success through Application development, we’d love to hear all about it!
  • Virtual #Appfests: Kick off Tuesday 12th March from 7pm.
    If you’re still looking for help to get an app finished and into the store for publication, then come along for an extra helping hand. It’s a two-hour open virtual session, that allows you to ask all the questions you want to ask, leap any coding hurdles, and get your app published.The Virtual #Appfest will be a weekly event, so check LaLaNinja for scheduling. The first event on Tuesday 12 March will be led by Nick Hodge, and will feature two platforms in two hours.